Gifted Testing

The requirements for intellectual gifted eligibility require that a student pass an intelligence assessment with a standardized score of 130 or above.

There are many different intelligence assessments, which include full global measures and nonverbal assessment tests. Selecting the assessment which captures your child's strength is an important part of the evaluation, and your input is highly appreciated.

The evaluation involves an interview with parent and student, discussion of how the student is coping in school and preferred learning styles, an intelligence test and a verbal discussion of results. Full written report is sent directly to you within on calendar week. No preparation is required for this evaluation, and the time required is approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

Testing can take place after school or on weekends - whatever works best for you and the student.

All results are totally confidential and will only be shared with you. The report provided will be mailed directly to your home and will not be shared with any third party.

Evaluations and Academic Concerns

Full psycho-educational evaluations can provide support to students with learning difficulties. The results of these assessments may help guide discussions about goals and challenges to help establish a positive learning curve.

Psycho-educational evaluations may include, bur are not limited to: An academic test, an intelligence test, a rating scale to help capture Executive Functioning skills, and any other assessment which helps provide information of unique learning style to help identify strategies that may help the student become successful. This evaluation takes approximately 2 hours and can be shaped to include the requirements for college disability services (kindergarten through adult.) The evaluation includes a parent and student interview, full global intelligence assessment, an academic assessment and also measures to determine unique processing styles.


Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder and also Attention Deficit Disorder is commonly diagnosed and often remediated with psycho-tropic medications. As part of the "Enable your dreams" philosophy, we strive to help.

Identify: Those students who may suffer from ADHD and ADD by providing a thorough assessment to provide support to pediatricians. Rating scales will be provided to the parent, student and also for teachers to complete. Results will be scored and discussed in a post-eval consultation. This is not to be confused with a medical diagnosis, but may help provide information to take to your pediatrician if ratings suggest a high likelihood of ADHD across different settings.

Help with remediation:  Research does suggest that some students may learn to focus and develop concentration skills through active goal setting, counseling and improving engaged time. Sessions of 1 on 1 coaching are offered to help students obtain the confidence in early reading skills. A holistic approach to ADHD and ADD include support to both the parents and also the student.

504 Plans

Students of many different ages may benefit from a 504 plan which may provide extra time in exams. If you believe your child may benefit from this for either school or college applications, please call to find out how I can help.

Some colleges may have special requirements, and parents are responsible to identify the requirements for special exam and course provisions at each educational establishment the student is applying to.



What if my child has already been tested and did not pass or was not eligible?


What do I tell my child prior to testing?


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