We offer a professional service to families, parents, children, schools, legal counsel and agencies.

Enable Your Dreams, LLC

Our goal is to provide quality assessments, counseling and therapy for students from Pre-K through college age. We aim to provide a full service, wraparound experience, sot that if therapy, counseling or academic tutoring is required as a result of difficulties identified - a treatment plan can be created.

Details of the assessments/evaluations and support services provided include:

  • Gifted Testing
  • Assessment for DSM-V disabilities which may impact school resilience or success
  • Evaluations for Special Education Services (IEP's or Re-Evaluations)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder - including support for fine motor control with handwriting
  • Specific Learning Disability in Reading, Math or Written Expression
  • Emotional and Behavioral Concerns
  • Positive Psychology / Life Coaching for individuals and families focused on goal success
  • Academic Tutoring and Progress Monitoring for children working towards learning goals
  • Holistic (anti-psychotic medication) Counseling and Academic support for students with ADHD
  • Progress monitoring towards Academic Success for Homeschoolers
  • Training for parents on Behavior management techniques within family
  • Bereavement, Post Traumatic Stress, Divorce, Relocation and Post Illness Counseling
  • Remote Services via Technology available for some services

Dr. Napier

Dr. Napier has worked with children since 1973. She is a sympathetic British trained teacher who specialized in working with students with Dyslexia, and helping children catch up to their grade level peers through 1 - 1 support. She graduated from the University of South Florida in 2014 with her PhD, which investigated the relationship between attention and working memory in student achievement.

Dr. Napier currently works full time as a School Psychologist for Pinellas County Schools, and her current role is the psychologist for Pre-Kindergarten Assessment Team, working with children as your as 2 to help determine the level of support they may need to begin their educational experience.

Dr. Napier also works as an Adjunct Professor for the Argosy University and teaches graduate courses for advanced students pursuing higher degrees.She also is proud to support new school psychologists in their journey and offers supervision for their application for licensure with the State of Florida.

Publications include Rainbow Readers Volume 1 & Volume 2, a set of 26 books to help your children learn to read, available on Amazon

Dissertations include "Prediction Adolescent Academic Achievement: the Role of Working Memory and Attention" available through USF Libraries.

Diane E. Napier privately licensed school psychologist SS1088. She is a nationally certified and licensed psychologist, with years of teaching experience. She is also the author of a series of books designed to help struggling readers become successful.

Let me help you help your child.
Diane E. Napier, PhD, NCSP



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