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Dr. Napier works with Practice Associates to provide a network of support for students to ensure the very best support is provided and their resumes will be available on a case by case basis.

  • Therapy
  • Tuition, and
  • Counseling
  • Assessments
  • Parent training's
  • Serving Children, Families, Legal Services, Schools and home-schooled students

Scheduling: Is arranged at mutually convenient times - after school, weekends and/or long vacations

Payment: Fees are to be paid at point of service

Venue: The office is located in St. Petersburg and has an observation room so parents can attend to and be present for all evaluations, which is especially re-assuring for your children.

Address: 6740 Crosswinds Dr., N., St. Petersburg Fl 33710

We look forward to serving your needs and hope to provide the very best wrap-around service for school age students.

For all further information please contact us at:

Phone: 727-798-6424
Office Hours: From 4pm weekdays and weekends

Office Building


What if my child has already been tested and did not pass or was not eligible?


What do I tell my child prior to testing?


Resource links which support children's achievement.