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book imageThe Rainbow Readers Vol.1 (Aa-Mm) Vol.2 (Nn-Zz)

Early and struggling readers discover a fun way to learn practical reading skills in the engaging and imaginative series, The Rainbow Readers.

Designed for use at home or at school with the help of parents, family members, tutors or teachers, this two-volume series highlights a single letter of the alphabet in each chapter, so that students recognize the letter visually and by the sound it makes. Based on extensive reading research, the books introduce and repeat 200 common words to build vocabulary and confidence as the student progresses through the chapters. Inventive characters make reading fun without putting readers off by being babyish. Extra activities such as phonic practices, spelling lists and a fluency page help students develop strong reading skills and strategies.

Originally published in 1999, these new editions are updated to correlate with current educational and assessment guidelines. General education teachers and teachers of students with dyslexia, reading disabilities and other learning difficulties have endorsed The Rainbow Readers series and its holistic approach to learning. The Rainbow Readers are now also available on AMAZON.COM in Kindle, Nook, and support a multi-platform digital use including smart-boards, computers and I-pads, making the product easy to work with and seamless to integrate into either a classroom, individual tutorial, or home environment.

Book ISBN:  The Rainbow Readers Volume 1 (Aa-Mm)
E-book edition ISBN - 978-1-61897-096-1
Soft cover edition ISBN - 978-1-60860-511-8

Book ISBN:  The Rainbow Readers Volume 2 (Nn-Zz)
E-book edition ISBN - 978-1-61897-097-8
Soft cover edition ISBN - 978-1-60911-023-9

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About the Author:  Diane-Elizabeth Napier, Ed.S., NCSP, currently working as a school psychologist, specialized in promoting literacy skills with children since 1978. Of her motivation for writing this series, she says, “While teaching, I realized many of the first books for children learning to read do not inspire their imagination or teach important reading skills.”

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