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Enable Your Dreams

Enable Your Dreams is a professional service which specializes in helping children and their parents learn what works to enable a student's success. Services include comprehensive psycho-educational evaluations, gifted evaluations, evaluations for disabled student services for college students, evaluations to provide documentation for needs for 504 plans, academic coaching and counseling for students with ADHD.

Enable Your Dreams and enable the dreams of your child. Every child needs their strengths identified to provide encouragement for the journey of their chosen future. A gifted or psycho-educational evaluation can help determine a student's unique skills.

Rainbow Readers are a series of research based reading intervention books designed to help struggling readers master the prerequisite skills of reading. These have been very successful with students with dyslexia and also specific learning disabilities in reading. Coaching and parent consultations are available to provide support to parents who wish to use these products to enhance the early reading skills of their children.

Diane E. Napier is a nationally certified and licensed psychologist, with years of teaching experience. She is also the author of a series of books designed to help struggling readers become successful.

Let me help you help your child.
Diane E. Napier, PhD, NCSP

Services provided are individual and confidential. Discounts are available to prior clients and siblings.

Reports will be provided after every evaluation and mailed to your home within one week of assessment. Results of evaluations are discussed with every client, as part of a follow-up consultation. 

Evaluations will be completed in your home, or at a private venue which has a quiet area.

Cash or check only.

Special Note:  Although evaluations cannot be "studied for" it is important that your child is rested and not hungry. In addition, children who wear prescription glasses must bring them for the testing and they must be worn during the evaluation.


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